About us

Music Go Viral is an assemblage of some of the best digital marketers out on the market, with great experience and big networks behind them.
The main thing that connected them, was the fact of how difficult it was to get their music heard. That it was almost impossible to get any publicity for your releases, even if you tried to post something on social media like Instagram and so on. It always ended up with buying fake plays (even if you did´nt knew it was).
But not anymore, finally we can be proud to announce that we are one of few services that offers real and genuine marketing of your music!
Through the years we have collected more than 1 million musicloving email-contacts of Spotify-curators, Radio-stations, Blogs & Podcasts, Magazines and plenty more!
From these email-contacts we've chosen the best, the best that we know provide the best result for our customers.
We know the market - go viral right NOW!